Texas Child Support Guidelines

Like many states, Texas has child support guidelines. The amount of child support to be paid depends on how much you make and how many kids you have. Texas is a little different because the amount of child support depends only on how much the person paying child support makes, not on huw much the person receiving the child support makes. But then calculating child support is that much easier.


Net Resources

The first step in calculating child support is figuring out the "net resources" of the person who will pay child support. Net resources equals "resources" (gross annual income) less

  • social security taxes;
  • federal income tax based on the tax rate for a single person claiming one personal exemption and the standard deduction;
  • state income tax;
  • union dues;
  • court–ordered expenses for the cost of health insurance or cash medical support for the children up to 9% of the amount of gross annual income; and
  • if the obligor does not pay social security taxes, nondiscretionary retirement plan contributions.

We also need to know whether the person is self–employed. Child support is based on the federal income tax a person would pay if he is single, claims the standard deduction and claims himself as a dependent. The tax varies a little bit when a person is self–employed.

Child Support Caps

For guideline child support, net resources are capped at $8,550 per month. If the person's net resources are greater than $8,550, then additional child support can still be awarded, but not under the guidelines.

Child support is also capped by the number of children the person is supporting. If the only children are the ones in in the current case, child support is calculated by multiplying net resources by 20% for one child, 25% for two children, 30% for three children, 35% for four children and 40% for five or more children. If the person is court–ordered to support other children, then the percentages change a bit.

Total Number of Children

This chart shows the percentages of net resources a person pays when he has other kids he is court–ordered to support. The top row is the number of children before the court in this case. The left–side column is the number of children the person has already been court–ordered to support:


Health Insurance for the Children

The child support guidelines assume that the person paying child support will also pay for the children's health insurance, and the child support formula actually gives the person a slight break in the amount of child support because he has to pay health insurance.

The court will set the amount of uninsured medical each parent will pay for the children. Often, but not always, the out–of–pocket cost is split equally between the parents.

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